Silo with complete discharge keeping bulk commodities free-flowing

A silo is a perfect method to (temporarily) store bulk commodities such as granulates, grains or powders. To keep the materials free-flowing during the discharge, we adjust our silo designs to prevent bridging, segregating and ratholing. Our bunker silos also ensure a complete discharge.

At Antha-Pol we carry out design, production, delivery, and installation of storage silos with the aim for fit you installation perfectly. We consider many factors, including:

  • dimensions of the intended location
  • material properties
  • fluidization
  • level measurements
  • partitioning walls
  • steel structures for safety
  • isolation
  • ATEX-models

Benefit from our expertise and contact us at an early stage so we can advise you about a customized design that suits your requirements. We gladly inform you about our options and send you a personal offer.

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