Vibrating conveyors

For a constant flow and high throughput

While rendering a high throughput, a vibrating conveyor provides a constant and dosed flow of materials. At Antha-Pol, we are experienced in designing and manufacturing customized vibrating equipment for transporting various bulk materials such as granulates and powders as well as materials from recycling streams.

When designing a vibrating conveyor, also referred to as a vibratory feeder or vibration conveyor, we gladly offer our expertise to make it suitable for your installation. This may be an existing or a newly, to be designed production line. According to your requirements for a specific design, we can include configurational options such as:

  • extracting materials from various types of bunkers and silos
  • customized controls for precise dosing and paused feeding
  • speed controls
  • horizontal, inclined or grizzly design
  • different design and finishing materials (metal alloys, coatings, mesh sizes, etc.)

Please feel free to contact us at our office in Puck, Poland. Our staff will gladly answer any question you may have.

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