Belt conveyors tailored to your requirements

The belt conveyor is a conveyor system to carry materials from one place to another. We distinguish belt systems for items (material handling) or bulk materials, such as sand and gravel, ores, soils, fertilizers, etc.

Reach out to us at an early stage of the configuration design of your installation. This way, we can assist you to make the best choices for a customized belt conveyor. Among others, we consider the required capacity, drives and power, inclination and connection to other conveyors or machines.

One of the most commonly used conveyor systems can be customized to a fast, efficient and cost-effective method of material transportation. Besides standard requirements such as dimension, power and controles, we can include the following options in your design:

  • durable, low-maintenance design
  • covered system (dust control)
  • expandable or telescopic parts
  • mobile or stationary
  • swiveling on wheels, rails or tracks
  • sampling station
  • weighing station
  • discharge systems to discharge materials along the side of the conveyor

We gladly manufacture and supply a single conveyor or full installation based on your production goals and the material properties. Please feel free to contact us for you questions.

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